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New Breaker Units Previewed For Summoner Wars

And just like clockwork, we have another daily preview of the cards coming in the Breaker set for Summoner Wars. This time, we get a look at a couple units, one common and one champion. Go check it out.

From the article:

Welcome back summoners! Today is the last preview for the Breakers, revealing the final tricks up Tacullu’s sleeve.

Mind Witch is a common unit that doesn’t do much on her own, but opens up some clever options to flip the script on your opponent. Mimic can copy the ability of friends or foes alike, allowing for some truly unique interactions based on the matchup you are in. A keen Breakers player should always be on the lookout for new abilities to Mimic each turn, as there may very well be an option your opponent couldn’t anticipate.

Last for the Breakers is the champion Gulldune. This commander leads the charge by offering up additional attacks with your common units. Many units, such as the Wind Mage, have abilities that trigger when attacking, so Gulldune can help double down on these options. In addition, any units that formerly belonged to your opponent can be commanded in this way too, so also keep an eye out for any non-Breaker units with extra attack effects!