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New Books and Battlemats Available to Pre-Order From 1985 Games

1985 Games is taking pre-orders for a pair of new books as well as five new battlemats in their webshop. Castles & Keeps is as it says, with plenty of rules for defending and attacking castles. Cursed Lands sends you into a world of gothic horror. And the battle mats are... well... battle mats.

From the announcement:

Castles & Keeps is a great for anyone looking to defend a castle from an invading army or to sneak into a King's Court to steal the crown jewels.

Cursed Lands is a perfect if you are looking for a dark Gothic adventure. Full of creepy forests, graveyards, and haunted cityscapes.

Our new battle maps will match our previous works as well as Castles & Keeps and the Cursed Lands. They'll be reversible, marker-safe, and use the same 1X1 grid as our pieces.