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New Bolt Action and Blood Red Skies Releases Available From Warlord Games

WWII is on the menu for the latest sets of figures from Warlord Games. There's a new artillery piece for Bolt Action, then a pair of squadrons for Blood Red Skies, along with a new Ace plane to take to the skies. Let's take a look at them all.

The QF 6-pdr was the highly successful replacement for the 2-pdr, being copied by the Americans as the 57mm gun, M1. Its useful lifespan was extended by new developments in ammunition that improved its armour penetration capabilities, allowing it to knock out Panthers and Tigers from the flank.


When the US Navy and Marine Corps entered the Second World War, they had only one effective fighter aircraft available to them: the F4F Wildcat. Fortunately, the Wildcat proved more than equal to the task of holding the line.

The Wildcat was outperformed by the lighter Japanese Zero in turning and climbing, but the Wildcat was much more robust and heavily armed than its opponent. Even when larger, more modern fighters took over the interception role, the useful little Wildcat remained in production until the end of the war.


Joe Foss became the first American ‘Ace of Aces” in WWII during three months of frenzied air combat during the Battle of Guadalcanal, as he lead a flight of eight Marine Corps Grumman F4F Wildcats known as “Foss’s Flying Circus”.


The B5N although didn’t compare up to other aircraft at the start of its involvement in the war, still served throughout the entirety of it. It had a 3-man crew, pilot, navigator/bombardier/observer, and radio operator/gunner.


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