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New Bolt Action Releases Available From Warlord Games

Almost weird having Warlord Games stick to just one product line for a week's releases. Usually it's a whole bunch thrown in. I mean, they have a bunch, so why not? But no, this week it's all Bolt Action. Not that there's anywhint wrong with that. The releases include a new 2-player starter, a new expeditionary force, and a couple vehicles for your British forces.

New: German Blitzkrieg Starter, France 1940

The art of lightning war, pioneered by the German forces, was heavily utilised with the German invasion of Western Europe. It was such a brash tactic that it stormed through Belgian and allowed the German army to literally drive circles around the Allies defender. You can use this German Blitzkrieg starter to deal the finishing blow on France.

This set contains:

  • 1 x Blitzkrieg German HQ (1939-42) blister pack
  • 1 x Blitzkrieg German Infantry plastic boxed set
  • 1 x Blitzkrieg German MG34 MMG team (1939-42) blister pack
  • 1 x Panzer II Ausf. A/B/C
  • 1 x Order Dice pack – Grey
  • 1 x Armies of Germany 2nd Edition
  • 1 x Bolt Action Mini Rulebook

New: British Expeditionary Force 1939 – 1940

The British Expeditionary Force began moving into France on 4 September 1939. Joining the combined Belgian and French troops, the BEF fought against the German Blitzkrieg. With the nation venerated as a whole from the first World War, the standard of troop increased when the second broke out. The British fought hard as they were repeatedly pushed back by the German offensive until the fateful day of the Dunkirk evacuation. Use this force to hold fast and beat the opposition back.

This set contains:

  • 1 x British Expeditionary Force
  • 1 x BEF Infantry Section
  • 1 x Carden Loyd MMG carrier
  • 1 x Order Dice pack – Brown (Containing 12 dice)
  • 1 x Armies of Great Britain with Cpt Charles Upham VC & Bar
  • 1 x An A5 Bolt Action Mini Rulebook

New: Morris light recce car

Produced by Morris, based on one of their existing lorry chassis, this had an unusual layout with all three crew sitting side-by-side. This gave the vehicle its distinctive side profile.

New: British Army Ford WOA1 staff car+ Civilian Ford WAO1 car

Famous for being the staff vehicle that Queen Elizabeth (Princess at the time) drove during WWII, the Ford WOA1 was the standard four-seater vehicle, particularly for staff during wartime.

New: Home Guard ‘Malcolm Campbell’ armoured car

In 1940, only about one family in five owned a car; most people relied on the well-developed public transport system. Most civilian cars were decommissioned during the war as petrol was at first rationed then eventually denied to civilians altogether.