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New Bolt Action Konflikt '47, and Beyond the Gates of Antares Releases/Pre-Orders from Warlord Games

Lots going on over at Warlord Games this week. While Bolt Action might have the spotlight, with a new Campaign book in the form of Battle of France, along with French and German pre-relases, Beyond the Gates of Antares is in there as well with a pair of new units. Not to be left out, Konflikt '47 has some new Italians hitting the field.

Pre-order: Bolt Action Campaign – Battle of France

Standing tall as one of the strongest nations at the time, the French empire finds itself defending its own soil against the German blitzkrieg. Join the fight with our new Bolt Action Campaign – Battle of France!

Pre-order: French Army Anti-tank Artillery

The 25mm Hotchkiss was the standard anti-tank gun of the French Army. It was also used by the British Expeditionary Force (BEF), whilst captured examples were used by the Germans and some even found their way into the hands of the Italians. It was widely exported prior to the war.

Pre-order: French Army Cavalry

Defend France and her people by riding into the heart of the German Blitzkrieg with the new elite French Army Cavalry.

The French cavalry was not entirely mechanised by 1940 and still included horse-mounted troops such as the chasseurs a Chevel and North African Spahis and Chasseurs D’Afrique. Mounted formations were amongst the elite of the French army. Calvary sections comprised thirteen men.

Pre-order: French Army 105mm Medium Howitzer + Casualties

The French army line up their new 105mm Medium Howitzers in an effort to defend their homeland and are ready to blast apart the German invaders!

New: Panzerkampfwagen 35R 731(f) mit T-26 Turm

After the Fall of France, the Germans have put some of the French armour to good use. The latest field conversion is the new Panzerkampfwagen 35R 731(f) mit T-26 Turm.

New: C3 Krasz Assault Squad

The Krasz are one of the larger panhuman morphs to be found throughout the Antarean Nexus. Their origins go back to the distant Second Age when their ancestors are presumed to have evolved upon one of the many new worlds settled at that time. They are large, extremely strong and notoriously unimaginative, but also tremendously disciplined with a highly developed sense of cooperation. Whether they evolved in primitive circumstances as highly effective hunters, or whether they owe part of their genome to deliberate bio-engineering is unknown.

New: Isorian Support team with Plasma Bombard

The plasma bombard is the most powerful and largest kind of mobile plasma weapon in the armoury of the Isorian Senatex ground forces. Its multiple looped plasma coils generate a tremendous energised burst with a flat trajectory and extremely high degree of accuracy. These qualities make the plasma bombard the ideal weapon against the most heavily armoured of targets.

New: Italian Firefly Paracadutisti Infantry Squad

As the Allies pumped money and resources into the newly formed Italian forces, the more experienced Italian paratrooper formations demanded the best equipment the Allies could provide, including the Firefly jump packs. Each squad of these elite troops is well equipped with SMGs and the latest grenade launchers to come from the Rift-tech designers, a versatile support weapon that capitalises on the most recent advances in ammunition technology.