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New Blood Red Skies and Cruel Seas Pre-Orders From Warlord Games

The folks at Warlord Games are ending the year with a look ahead to next. Their latest WWII games, Blood Red Skies and Cruel Seas are getting some new releases starting in January. If you're looking to add some planes or some ships to your collections, you can get your name on the list now and be the first gamer on your block with these figures when they're released.

New: Fw 190 squadron + Bf 110 squadron

The Focke-Wulf Fw 190 Würger, also abbreviated as Fw 190, is a single-seat, single-engine fighter used by the German forces after 1941. Alongside its counterpart, Messerschmitt Bf 109, it became the backbone for the Luftwaffe’s Jagdwaffe.

On its debut combat, the Focke-Wulf was superior to the Spitfire V, which happened to be the Allies main plane at the time, in almost every way. Mostly suited for low-medium altitude fights, the Focke-Wulf proved to be the superior plane until the Allies introduced the Spitfire XI.

The Messerschmitt Bf 110, also shortened to Bf 110, is a twin-engined heavy fighter and fighter-bomber in service for the German forces. Armed with 2 20mm cannons and 5 machine guns, it made up for its lack of agility with armament and advanced tactics.

Its debut had a large amount of success serving in Poland, France and Norway. Even after, it continued its service until the end of the war.

Pre-order: Cruel Seas: Armed Trawler

With the action on the coastal waters heating up, more ships are required! Pre-order today the Armed Trawler, a stopgap (or backbone) of many a navy!

Pre-Order: Cruel Seas – Vorposten Boot flakship + M-Class Minesweeper

Protect your home ports and coastal ships with these 2 big ships for the German Kriegsmarine in Cruel Seas! The M-Class Minesweeper and Vorposten Boot flakship…

New: Cruel Seas – IJN Escort Type Hei Minesweeper + T-14 class MTB + Large Sampans

Expand your Empire and protect your convoys with these ships for the Imperial Japanese Navy in Cruel Seas! The Type Hei Minesweeper, T-14 class MTB and Large Sampans…

New: Cruel Seas – US LCI (L) Landing Craft + Coastal Cutter subchaser + LCM3 Landing craft

Regain control of the Pacific or hunt down enemy convoys in the Mediterranean with these ships of the US Navy for Cruel Seas!