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New Blood Red Skies Pre-Orders Available From Warlord Games

A quartet of new squadrons will soon be available for Blood Red Skies, Warlord Games' WWII aircraft and dogfighting miniatures game. If you're looking to control the air over places like Stalingrad, you'll want to check out these upcoming kits.

From the announcement:

This month we're also bringing to pre-order a plethora of Blood Red Skies releases, starting with the JU 88C Junkers heavy fighter squadron (as a box of six planes) you can also further bolster your collection with Ace Pilot Walter Borchers, who historically flew Me110s with ZG 76 in the early phases of the war, before later becoming part of a night-fighter squadron incorporating Ju 88C heavy fighters late in 1941.

In contrast, we've also brought into pre-order Soviet Union Ace Mariya Ivanovna Dolina, Deputy squadron leader of the 125th Guards bomber Aviation regiment - who began her career as a volunteer in 1941 and continued to fly well into the 70s!

To compliment our soviet ace, we are also releasing the Soviet Pe-2 bomber as flew by our ace for the first time over the skies of Stalingrad!

A truly remarkable combination for the skies!