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New Blood Bowl and 40k Kits Available to Order From Forge World

Like happens so often with Forge World, it's two ends of the spectrum with their pre-orders for the week. On one side, you have a quick and nimble Blood Angles jump-pack squad for 40k. On the other side, there's the big and lumbering Ogre team expansion set for Blood Bowl. Sci-fi versus fantasy sports. Take your pick (even if it's both).

Even within a Legion whose skills in the arts of orbital strike and shock assault are legendary, the Dawnbreaker Cohorts stand apart. Chosen from amongst the most experience and daring of the Legion's assault squads, they have one purpose in battle, to sunder the enemy's lines and tear the heart from their formation.

Armed with the falling-star pattern power spear, the Dawnbreaker Cohorts are able to rip through even the toughest enemy infantry on the charge. Clad in ornate armour, covered in Blood Angels symbols, they perfectly complement the rest of your Legion Assault Squads.

This 63-piece highly detailed resin kit makes four Dawnbreaker Cohort Legionaries and a Dawnbreaker Cohort Champion and comes supplied with five 32mm Citadel round bases and two 45mm grove stem sets.

Rules for using the Dawnbreaker Cohort in games of The Horus Heresy can be found in The Horus Heresy Book Eight – Malevolence.

You might not imagine Ogre culture to be especially egalitarian, but both male and female Ogres play Blood Bowl with equal gusto in the Ogre Kingdoms. Ogre women have a similar build and temperament to Ogre men, including that crucial aptitude for grievous violence.

If you're looking to field the maximum number of Ogres on your team, these two distinctive sculpts will keep them from looking the same. They mix and match perfectly with the Fire Mountain Gut Busters, plus you get an extra Gnoblar to kick around!

This 16-piece resin kit builds two Ogre players and one Gnoblar. They’re supplied with 1x 25mm bases and 2x 32mm bases.

Rules for using these models in your games of Blood Bowl can be found in issue 8 of Spike! Journal.