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New Blood Bowl Undead Available to Pre-Order From Forge World

In Blood Bowl, it's possible for a player to die right there on the pitch. However, that doesn't have to mean that their career is over. There's plenty of undead to go around, and now there's two more star players. You can head over to Forge World and order up Skrull Halfheight and Gretchen Wachter now, along with the Wolfenberg Crypt-Stealers team.

From the announcement:

Necromancers, rejoice! Whether you coach a Necromantic Horrors or Shambling Undead team, you’re getting new reserves in the form of a pair of Star Players. You can pre-order the models for Skrull Halfheight and Gretchen Wächter now. Both bring very different skills to your squad, but they’ve got one thing in common: they’re both dead already, so dying again isn’t going to be a massive downside for them.