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New Blood Bowl Star Players and Necromunda Bits Available To Order From Forge World

Forge World is heading to the supplemental games from Games Workshop this week for its new releases. There's a pair of Blood Bowl Star Players that you can pick up in the form of Karla von Kill and Helmut Wulf. If Fantasy Sports aren't your thing and you'd prefer some sci-fi skirmish gang action, they've got a bunch of kits for Necromunda that you can pick up as well.

From the release:

Karla von Kill and Helmut Wulf are two shining examples of Blood Bowl players who have climbed the ranks to become Star Players.

Karla von Kill got her start with the Hochstadt Hellfires, and soon became their captain after displaying a tremendous capacity for violence – eventually she decided she needed to share that gift with more teams, and put herself up for hire. She has an enthusiastic following, largely because wherever she goes, carnage follows!

Helmut Wulf's story is little different, though his big break came the first time he picked up a chainsaw, turning himself from an unremarkable Lineman into everyone's favourite blood-soaked maniac, with a list of kills and casualties longer than his arms – even though his arms have remained remarkably intact considering the six feet of revving chainsaw blades that are so close to them whenever he's on the field!

Add new Star Players to your Blood Bowl teams with two of the greatest Human players ever to take to the pitch!

Karla von Kill is a Star Player who can be included in the following teams: Amazon, Halfling, Human, Norse. Her skills as a Blitzer make her a fantastic addition to any team that can afford to hire her.

Helmut Wulf is a Star Player who can be included in the following teams: Amazon, Chaos Renegades, Human, Lizardmen, Norse, Vampire. His unique brand of carnage and mayhem means that your opponent will be running scared from the first kickoff, and the revving of his chainsaw will haunt their nightmares for years to come.

The rules for fielding Karla von Kill and Helmut Wulf can be found in the Inaugural Blood Bowl Almanac.