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New Blood Bowl Releases Available To Order From Forge World

The American Football Season is nearly upon us. At my old LGS, that meant a Blood Bowl season was also going to be upon us. Coaches would be getting their teams out, updating their rosters, and sometimes getting new teams. If you're in the league for a new team, Forge World is there for you, along with a new start players and some cheerleaders for the sidelines.

From the website:

Get your hands on an expanded and enhanced Reikland Reavers team with this bundle – it contains a full team along with a Human Booster. Included:

- The Reikland Reavers: this multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble the Reikland Reavers, a Human team for use in games of Blood Bowl. It contains:

- 2 Blitzers
- 2 Throwers
- 2 Catchers
- 6 Linemen

as well as 3 balls, a double-sided score coin and a decal sheet. Supplied with 12 32mm Blood Bowl round bases, featuring holes to slot the ball into when your miniature has possession.

- A Blood Bowl Human Team Booster: expand, enhance, fill out and indeed boost your Human team with this booster pack! It contains 4 resin miniatures – 2 Blitzers, a Thrower and a Catcher – each covered in detail and posed dynamically, with all the heroic jawlines and manly stares you would expect from these glorious sportsmen…

These 4 resin miniatures come as 14 components, and are supplied with 4 32mm Blood Bowl bases. Human team rules can be found in Death Zone Season 1.