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New Blood Angels and More Available to Order from Games Workshop

This week's pre-orders from Games Workshop includes a lot of Space Marines. Specifically, the phlebotomists that are the Blood Angels. You can head over and get their new codex as well as some other marines kits. Plus, they have their big box sets available to order as well for various factions in both 40k and Age of Sigmar.

From the release:

Wearing red? Coming from the sky? Knowing if you’ve been bad or good? It must be that special time! Yes, the Blood Angels are getting a new codex supplement. Today, we’re taking a look at it along with the rest of today’s pre-orders.

Noble of standing but carrying a dark curse, the Blood Angels are one of the most famous of all Space Marines Chapters. Now their new codex supplement makes them even better in your games of Warhammer 40,000 and represents the two sides of their nature like never before. 

Codex Supplement: Blood Angels is packed with everything you need to use this legendary Chapter on the tabletop. Along with exciting lore, there are new rules, Stratagems, and a Crusade section that lets you build a narrative army and follow them as they fall prey to the Black Rage or fight to overcome it. 

There are also bespoke rules for the Blood Angels’ successor Chapters, including Stratagems, Relics, and more for the vicious Flesh Tearers. The book is available as either a glorious hardback version or a stunning collector’s edition.