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New Blood Angels Available to Order From Forge World

The Blood Angels are the vampires of the Space Marine legions. But it's not all ripping apart throats. They do use ranged weapons too. In this instance, grenade launchers and volkite serpentas. These new units can be ordered now from Forge World to help flesh out your armies.

From the website:

The Angel’s Tears serve the Blood Angels in place of the more common Destroyers of other Legions. They take to the field of war only at the direct command of Sanguinius himself, serving as his agents on those rare occasions when the Great Angel deems an enemy worthy only of annihilation.

The Angel's Tears wear armour that is far more ornate than that worn by the Destroyer squads of other Legions – it's resplendent with Blood Angels' iconography. Their jump packs mean that you can easily bring their unique form of extermination exactly where it is needed with ease. This bundle includes two units – one armed with grenade launchers, which fire rad grenades, ancient terror weapons that cause horrific damage; the other armed with volkite serpenta, able to eradicate enemy units in hails of withering firepower. The kits also include options to make one member of each unit into a squad leader.