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New Black Powder and Pike & Shotte kits Available to Order From Warlord Games

Warlord Games has some new kits that are available on their website. You can pick up some new Riflemen for Black Powder. Then there's the Edgehill Characters or Pike & Shotte. And then, uh... there's Oxen. These can be used in just about all of Warlord Games' games.

New: Plastic 95th Riflemen

In this pack, you’ll get 10 single-piece plastic riflemen with their bases. They’re the same beautiful sculpts as our metal models, reproduced in plastic. This is a quick and cheap way to add some additional skirmishers to your force!

New: Pike & Shotte Edgehill Characters

Add a splash of colour to your Edgehill army with any of these new character figures! Pick up your Prince Maurice, Sir Edmund Verney, and Sir Arthur Haselrig today!

New: Oxen

The new Oxen are here and ready to pull your wagons or stampede over your enemies! Add them to your battlefield livestock for any period!