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New Beyond the Gates of Antares and Hail Caesar Releases Available from Warlord Games

Kinda two ends of the spectrum for this week's Warlord Games releases. On the one side, we've got some new Beyond the Gates of Antares releases, including the new Boromite Rock Brood, which I think are just insanely cute. On the other side, we've got new Hail Caesar releases which include new Norman and Viking leadership packs.

New: Boromite Rock Brood


Lavamites or ‘rock dogs’ are six-legged creatures whose outer shells are formed of thick, silicate plates. They are used in Boromite mining operations to explore for minerals. However, by feeding hatchlings upon especially digestible rocks it is possible to augment their abilities somewhat.

New: Fartok’s Black Guard Leader + Ghar Rebel battlesuit add-on pack

The war effort for the rebel cause is intensifying with the latest Ghar Rebel battlesuit add-on pack and the addition of Fartok’s Black Guard Leader.

New: Viking + Norman Command Group

The Viking command group leads their warband directly into the heart of the enemy.

This blister pack contains 4 metal models.