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New Battle on Snowshoes French & Indian War Set Available From Warlord Games

It's getting to be almost 100 degrees here in GA this week. It really makes me long for those cool days back when I lived in Chicago. There, one could possibly get use out of a pair of snowshoes. Not so much here. But I can still live vicariously through my little mans, including the new Battle on Snowshoes set for Black Powder that's available from Warlord Games now.

From the announcement:

For those of you looking to get started with the French-Indian War, we’ve got a brand new starter set for you – join the Battle on Snowshoes today!

This fantastic starter set takes you deep into the frost-rimed woods of North America, in pursuit of two of the French-Indian War’s greatest soldiers. Captain Robert Rogers and his elite company of green-coated Rangers have left their base at Fort Edward, delving through the snow-choked woodland towards Fort Carillion.

Rogers’ Rangers are peerless light infantrymen, uniquely trained in guerilla warfare and navigating the American wilderness. Encamped around Fort Carillion is Rogers’ arch-nemesis, Ensign Jean-Baptiste De Langis.

Battle on Snowshoes Contents

  • Black Powder 2nd Edition (A5 Version)
  • A Dark and Bloody Ground (with exclusive Eagle Eye miniature)
  • 24 Rogers’ Rangers
  • 12 Frontiersmen
  • 12 Indians with Snowshoes
  • FREE PDF Starter Booklet