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New Alpha Legion and Landspeeders Available to Order From Forge World

Forge World has some really old releases for you this week. Ok, they're not actually old, they're only old because they're older pattern landspeeders (from the "flying couch" era of landspeeder design) as well as some Alpha Legion figures.

From the website:

Mainstays of most Space Marine Legion armouries, Land Speeders are high-speed reconnaissance and rapid attack skimmers that utilise anti-gravity technology to achieve extraordinary battlefield mobility and speed. As lightly armoured two-man craft, they require the kind of skill and reflexes to operate at peak performance that only a Space Marine can bring to bear, and rely more on their extreme manoeuvrability and speed for survival than durability. Land Speeder squadrons provide a Space Marine force with a flexible core of rapidly deployable firepower and make for highly able tank hunters and close air support units. As a result, mixed formations of Land Speeders are often called upon to operate as a rapid reaction force, held in reserve to quickly intercept enemy counter-attacks.