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New 40k And LotR Releases Available to Order From Forge World

Forge World releases do sometimes fall on pretty far spectrums in terms of theme from one-another. You've got sci-fi. You've got fantasy. It's a little from column A. It's a little from column B. That's what we have today. They are taking orders for new jetbikes for the White Scars and a gunship for the Legion Janitorales... I mean, Custodes. They've also got a new set for the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game that's the various defenders of Lake-town, including Bard, Legolas, and Tauriel.

Get ready for the hunt with a Golden Keshig Jetbike Squad. Fast and mobile, they let you strike where you want, when you want. Blast away with scatterbolt launchers before swooping in and slaying your quarry.

The Ares is a potent terror weapon, bypassing enemy armies as it blazes over their lines in the shadow of its eclipse shields. Using its immensely destructive Arachnus magna-blaze cannon against the monuments and edifices which an enemy culture hold most dear to their hearts, it strikes a decisive blow against their will to wage war.

This heavily-armed super-heavy gunship is ideal for taking out large targets such as monsters and vehicles, and even packs enough of punch to take down the void shields of Titans. It is protected by its eclipse shield, making it nigh-on impervious to return fire.

Tracing his ancestry back to the noble lords of Dale, Bard is the descendant of Girion and heir to the rule of Dale. Following the slaying of the Dragon, Smaug, Bard took up his rightful place as the leader of the Men of the Lake.

Legolas is the captain of the King's Guard and is tasked with hunting down Orc invaders that enter his father's realm. Although Legolas cannot match his father's ability with a blade, he is still an exceptional warrior even by Elven standards, and his skill with a bow allows him to hit a mark that most archers would not dare attempt.

One of the patrol leaders within Thranduil's halls, Tauriel is a tremendous fighter. She is matchless in the deadly press of combat, weaving through the ranks of her foes with her blades and leaving nought but stumbling corpses in her wake.

Bard, Legolas and Tauriel are skilled warriors, each among the mightiest Heroes of the Survivors of Lake-town and Halls of Thranduil armies respectively, capable with both bow and blade.