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New 40k, Necromunda Kits Available to Order from Games Workshop

Games Workshop has new Sisters of Battle and House Delaque pre-releases available to order over in their webshop. So, why is this tagged as a Terrain Corner? Because there's also a big, new, sci-fi terrain kit and terrain cards that you can order as well.

From the article:

This week we answer the age-old Warhammer conundrum: how many Battlezones could a Battle Sister battle over if they were both up for pre-order this week? More than a few, we reckon… 

In fact, you can discover the answer to our tongue-twister today, as a planetary tithe’s worth of 41st Millennium goodies is now available to pre-order, including four terrain kits, a deck of terrain cards, and a clutch of brilliant Adepta Sororitas units. 

On top of that, new dice, tactics, cards, and rules for House Delaque have arrived for Necromunda. Reinforcements for Delaque gangs are also up for pre-order today in the nightmare-fuelling form of Nacht-Ghuls, Psy-Gheists, and Piscean Spektors, AND we’ve got an all-new set of plastic weapons for House Orlock to boot.

Let’s begin with the reinforcements for the Adepta Sororitas.