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Nevera Duels: A Necromancer Deck Construction Game Up On Kickstarter

October seems a pretty good time to be running a Kickstarter that's just loaded to the gills with undead. Nevera Duels has you playing as a necromancer, looking to build your invincible army of the undead. However, you're not the only one out there reanimating corpses. Beat your opponent to the punch and make sure you're the one on heap of bones at the end.

From the campaign:

With the game of Nevera Duels players become the necromancers and summon powerful undead minions to battle their opponents, using an array of abilities and ascending their minions into more powerful forms.

This is a Kickstarter Campaign to produce the core game, which will be released as a complete core set with expansion packs as stretch goals are hit.

What Makes it Special 

  • Undermining usual stumbling blocks of deck construction games to give players a satisfying, competitive and varied experience.    
  • All minion cards can be played face down as resources, meaning there is no possibility of resource screw or flood. 
  • Minions have the abilities and spells, so players are always able to take actions even with no cards in hand. 
  • No rare or under-powered cards; every card is designed to be competitive and viable. 
  • Players can summon a minion, ascend it, and use its abilities in the same turn for big comebacks. 
  • Shift play style any time; harass your opponent, buff yourself, or just deliver a big swing! 

The campaign's about 1/3 of its way to its goal with still 28 days left to go.