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Nerdura Games Running Tekkaforce Kickstarter

Giant Robot Alert! We have Giant Robot Alert!

Nerdua Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Tekkaforce. It's a miniatures game of robot combat, with the robots being customized and built by yourselves. But more than just a minis game, there's also rules for an RPG to go along with it. Grow your character as you battle through campaigns with or against one-another.

From the campaign:

Tekkaforce is a tabletop game of mecha warfare. Build your units with building bricks or with everything you have, then dive into an anime world with your full armed tekka! If you love Gundam, Macross, Evangelion, Daitarn III, Go Nagai, mechs, anime, and tabletop games... you are going to love Tekkaforce.

Roleplaying rules are included, for your campaings full of drama!

Basic rules allow you to assemble a team of tekka made of 1 to 5 units. Each tekka should have different strenghts and a specific tactical purpose, and your team should be designed with diverse equipment, suitable for the next challenge. You'll deploy your team to play a scenario (premade or created by you). You will fight against other players (PvP scenario) or against the game (PvE scenario). If there's no avaiable friend to control PvE enemies, you will solo play, controlling them through a behavior routine. You can also play a PvE scenario cooperatively, tagging along with one or more friends. Advanced rules allow you to create your team's pilots, and they will improve with experience: use their skills to turn the tides of battle! And if you crave for more... you can turn the game into a RPG campaign!

The campaign is up and running now. It's set to go for another 12 days.