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Neoclassical Greek Revival - Acidic Edition RPG Up On Kickstarter

Do you really want a retro-style RPG but all the ones you've found are all rather same-y? Well, Neoclassical Greek Revival - Acidic Edition might just be for you. It's a retro-style game that doesn't fall into the same format traps as others. This game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Neoclassical Geek Revival (NGR) is a fantasy roleplaying game. Many reviews of it have been completed over the years, but the core purpose that differentiates it from things like retroclones (beyond that it is not an OGL game) is that it is focused on player driven shenanigans. It has different mechanics for class, conflict, stealth, magic, and experience which create a wildly different play experience while maintaining the old school adventure vibe.

We are out of copies and so we decided to do another print run, and this time a full fledged off-set print run.  While we are at it we decided to do some updates to make it easier to pick up for new players by recruiting FM Geist of Mothership fame to help with improved layout.  It features art by Chris Huth and Dyson Logos.

 We have also created a Content Guide full of useful tools to help Referees, featuring art by Alex Mayo

The campaign's over 2x funded with 29 days left to go.