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Naruto: Ninja Arena - Sensei Expansion Now Available

A ninja is always looking to learn and master new jutsus in order to defeat their opponent. Same with players in Naruto: Ninja Arena. And now, a new set of ninjas is hitting tabletops. The Sensi Pack is available now.

From the website:

Naruto Ninja Arena is a fast-paced dice game for 2-6 players with approximately 15 minutes of game play per round.

Naruto : Ninja Arena is the frst game using the Roll & Clash system. During the game, you throw your dice as quickly as you can and use the results to activate Techniques without stopping the game. Everyone plays at the same time in a frantic battle to be the last Ninja Standing!

The Sensei Pack requires the core Ninja Arena game in order to play.

It adds six new ninjas to upgrade the core play. Contains one rulebook, six double-sided Ninja boards, six double-sided Power tiles, one Bite token, two Snakes tokens and one coin token.