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Mythic Games Announces Reichbusters: Projekt Vril

The Nazis are losing WWII. However, they have a secret weapon they've been working on that will turn the tide of war forever in their favor. A strange substance known only as Vril was discovered that has a nearly limitless amount of uses and power. The scientists working with it have done so in absolute secrecy. However, the Allies have now found out about it and are coming to stop their research. Will they get there in time? That's for you to find out in Reichbusters: Projekt Vril, a new cooperative board game coming to Kickstarter in November from Mythic Games.

About the game:

The game is fully cooperative and sees 1-4 players take on the roles of the Reichbusters; exciting and over-the-top Allied heroes who are brave enough to take on these dangerous operations. Nobody plays the Nazis. They are the bad guys. They are the most evil of evil baddies and the whole game is about how players fight against them and stop their diabolical plans. All missions are played on a modular board. The scenarios are not fixed, but are variable in detail, including different enemies and different side missions. The team may have to steal some Nazi plans, rescue a captured scientist, destroy some nasty new tech or many other mission objectives. Each mission results in yet more secrets being unveiled, and a desire to recover some of the amazing technology that confronted the heroes in earlier missions. Except it gets worse each time, with even more nasty tricks among the defenders. Sneaking about is important, not just blasting everything. If you can sneak past some of the defenders or kill them silently you willl have an easier time for longer. As the team make noise, the guard’s awareness rises, until finally the alarm is triggered and it’s do or die! Once the alarm has sounded, guards are alert and sneaking up on them is no longer possible. In addition, missions have a limited time, and so there is a choice between doing things quietly and doing them quickly. Different heroes have varying skills, and each will be most useful at a different stage in the mission. This forces the players to work together to succeed. Each player manages a dashboard with their character’s skills and equipment represented by cards or tokens. They use actions to control their hero on the board, moving and exploring.

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