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Mutant Chronicles: The Purging of the Crucible Adventure Available From Modiphius

Pre-made adventures are great for the GM on the go. They've got everything needed to run the players through the events, with locations, NPCs, events, and all that. So, if you're looking to get your Mutant Chronicles game a new direction, head over and pick up The Purging of the Crucible, a new adventure available now.

From the website:

The First Dark Legion War has engulfed the entire solar system, with humanity hard-pressed to hold back the swelling tide of Darkness. The endless hordes of the Dark Legion march forth, stretching the Brotherhood and megacorporations to breaking point. During these dark times, desperation and ominous whispers drive some to the brink of Heresy in search for an advantage against the overwhelming Darkness. The search for long-buried secrets leads into a dark abyss.

The Purging of the Crucible is a complete adventure that throws the player characters into the midst of a battle between two factions of the Dark Legion. Can they survive the horrors of Imperial Mining Facility IMA 2401-26?

The Purging of the Crucible is recommended for experienced players. Set during the events of the First Dark Legion War as the power of the sinister ISC branch known as Blackthorne grows, suggestions are provided on how to run the adventure in different timelines.


  • Tips & Tricks: In-depth advice on expanding the adventure and building on the elements of horror already present in the scenario.
  • Momentum & Dark Symmetry: Each scene offers completely unique Momentum and Dark Symmetry options for both player and GMs, allowing the action and horror to truly ramp up as the scenario develops.
  • Pregenerated Characters: Four pregenerated characters are included, each with a background that ties them to events at The Crucible.