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Murder Bury Win Comedic Thriller About the Gaming Industry Released

If you're here, reading this site, you're a fan of board games and card games. You've maybe even thought about creating your own game, getting funding for it, and creating your game so you can send it to people. That's what the characters in Murder Bury Win thought they'd do. However, things don't quite go according to play. This comedic thriller about the board game industry had its worldwide release at the Cinequest Film Festival last week. Next week, it will be showing at the Austin Film Festival.

From the website:

I am thrilled to reveal that Murder Bury Win is an Official Selection of the Austin Film Festival! It will have its Texas Premiere on the opening night of the festival, October 22, at 9:30 PM CDT, and will be available the duration of the festival.

Austin Film Festival runs until October 29, 2020. For more details, head to the Austin Film Festival site.


This dark comedic thriller is about three young dreamers that want to strike it big in the indie board game industry with their game - Murder Bury Win. The objective of their game being how to kill someone and get rid of the body.

They run a crowdfunding campaign online - and fail. And just when they think they have no shot of ever realizing success - along comes a mysterious man who says he can publish Murder Bury Win - on the condition that he is credited as the sole author of their game.

​Murder Bury Win is a cautionary tale about the measures peoples are willing to take to win. And it also might be about how to kill someone and get rid of the body.