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Munchkin Dungeon Coming This Friday From CMON

Grab your unnatural axe and head down into the dungeon. It's time to kick some doors, beat up some monsters, and grab the loot. Munchkin Dungeon is coming this Friday from CMON and Steve Jackson Games. The base game, along with the first expansion, Side Quests, will be hitting store shelves.

From the post:

Kick down the doors. Fight the monsters. Get the loot. It’s that simple. Ok, maybe it’s not exactly that simple; those monsters can be really mean, and the other players want that loot for themselves. (What ever happened to an egalitarian society?) You’re going to have to work for your win. Kick down more doors, defeat more monsters, take the loot before the others can get it. That will earn you the most Fame, and Fame is the name of the game. Actually, Munchkin Dungeon is the name of the game. And it, along with the first expansion, Munchkin Dungeon: Side Quest, are due out July 17th. Let’s take a look at just what’s in store (or, will be on store shelves, that is).