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Munchkin Babies Available From Steve Jackson Games

The life of a baby doesn't seem so bad. Lay around. Sleep. Eat. Lay around some more. Get as quickly as possible to Level 10 to beat the other babies. Ok, that last one might only happen in Munchkin Babies. But still. This new Munchkin set is available from Steve Jackson Games now.

From the website:

Munchkin Babies delivers 168 cards full of sweet, adorable, baby adventurers . . . who are just as good at backstabbing and loot-grabbing as their elders from Munchkin. Play a cute Orcling, Dwarfling, Elfling, or Quarterling (half a Halfling). Go to preschool to learn your Class: Wiz Kid, Ankle Biter, Crumb Snatcher, or Holy Terror, and then arm yourself with the scariest items from the toy box: the Kazoo of Constant Whining, Kid-Safe Stabbinator, Blame-Resistant Pajamas, and of course, the Extremely Pokey Spoon. You must fight fearsome monsters such as the Jealous Kitty, the Hootin' Nanny, the Napmare, and, worst of all, the Pediatrician! Grab their treasure and crawl your way to Level 10!