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Munchkin: Disney Now Available

Kick down the door. Defeat the monsters. Grab the loot. Level up. That's the goal in Munchkin, and fans of the game as well as some of the most beloved animated characters of all time will be happy to see that they're teaming up. Munchkin Disney brings many iconic characters right to your tabletop. This new set is available now.

From the announcement:

It’s a Disney dream come true! Adventure, wishes, fantasy, and fairy dust are just behind the mouse-ear embellished doors of MUNCHKIN®: Disney—the most magical version of Steve Jackson Games’ classic role-playing card game yet—and it’s available now from The Op!

You’ll be treasure hunting, strategizing, and collaborating in this exciting edition of Munchkin which includes loveable Mickey Mouse and his classic cast of friends as well as a host of favorites from movies old and new. Nostalgia bursts from every corner of this 168-card collection, with fan favorite characters from multiple beloved Disney stories joining you on your journey!

Choose from a selection of roles such as the Heroine, Villain, Sidekick, Adventurer, Dreamer, and Animal Friend; six archetypes that bring Disney stories to life for superfans of all ages. These Character cards track your Level in the game and determine your special abilities.