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Mox Gauntlet Charity Game Tournament Coming This Weekend

Gaming is good. Giving to charity is good. Put the two together and you've got something great. And one such great thing is coming up this weekend in the form of the Mox Gauntlet Charity Game Tournament. It's happening this Sunday and Paizo is looking to once more take home the win (and do some amazing good work in the process).

From the article:

I’m excited to share that Paizo will once again be participating in the Mox Gauntlet charity game tournament, and it’s coming up this Sunday!

The Gauntlet has become an annual tradition for us at Paizo, and we’ve been participating since our victory at the very first event. Every year the folks from Gamers Engaged— the charitable giving arm of Card Kingdom, Inc.—put together a fantastic gaming tournament to raise funds for a local charity. This year, proceeds are going to Young Women Empowered, an organization whose mission is to cultivate the power of diverse young women to be creative leaders and courageous changemakers. They offer various camps, workshops, partnerships, and public events to help these young women connect, learn, and grow.

You can support us on our team donation page or by donating to the team members individually. Our roster has some familiar faces this year, as well as some newer folks. I’m thrilled to be captain of Team Paizo for the 3rd event in a row and participating in the Gauntlet for my fifth time. I’ve pledged to send out a punny space postcard as an optional incentive for $25 donations made direct to my donation page. Aboard the Paizo rocket ship we’ve also got Organized Play Associate Alex Speidel, who promised a plethora of intriguing incentives on his donation page; Customer Service Representative Austin Phillips (donate here); and our new VP of Sales and E-Commerce, Mike Webb (donation link). Starfinder Lead Designer Joe Pasini (donate to Joe) rounds things out as an alternate in case someone gets pushed out the airlock at the last minute.

This year’s theme is Cosmos, so we’ll be taking on a slew of space-based challenges. Firstly, we’ll be split up into separate games of Space Park, then reunited as a team in the second round for cosmos-themed trivia. As usual, the organizers have kept the third-round finale a secret, so we’ll all be on the dark side of the moon until the big reveal on Sunday!

The Gauntlet will be held virtually this year, and the entire thing will be streamed through the Gamers Engaged website. Be sure to tune in to watch our progress and cheer us on! Donations are being accepted until the end of the event and not only do these funds go to a great cause, but our team can gain power-ups to use in the tournament based on how much we raise. You can help us launch our fundraising goals into orbit! We appreciate every single donation and share on social media—every bit helps. Thanks so much for being a part of our tremendously supportive gaming community. We’ll see you at noon Pacific Daylight Time on August 15th!