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Movie Empire Coming Back to Kickstarter

Sometimes a movie can get caught in development hell and doesn't get made right away. That's alright, it doesn't mean it will never get made or that it'll end up being bad. Same goes for Kickstarters that don't go al the way the first time. It's just a chance to reconfigure and relaunch better than before. That's what Stimulus Games is hoping for when they relaunch Movie Empire on Kickstarter at the start of next month.

About the game:

Stimulus Games is happy to announce that they will be relaunching Movie Empire to Kickstarter on April 2nd 2019. Movie Empire is a mix of worker placement and set collection for 2-4 players. And as Hollywood is a shark tank, you have the (completely optional!) black dossier variant, that adds a take that mechanic to the gameplay.

By designer Karsten Schulmann and artist Allan Ohr, Movie Empire is a fun, fast-paced euro game. The game consists of 4 phases: Grumpy phase, working phase, premiere phase and upkeep phase.

The most important phase is the working phase. This is where you send out your production assistants (aka workers) in order to get production assets, cast stars, buy scripts or do some other tasks. But since many tasks can only be occupied by one player, you have to choose your strategy carefully. The gathered resources have to be attached to a movie. Pay attention to special laying rules and requirements - for example, post-production has to happen after shooting the movie and not before!

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