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Mounted Grular Faction Now Available From DGS Games

Who wants to walk into battle? Nobody, that's who. And when you're a highly mobile people, like the Grular, walking into battle is just not done. That's why they've mounted up and are ready to hit the Freeblades tabletops. New figures are available now to bulk up your forces.

From the release:

The Grular faction is getting some serious reinforcements for Freeblades. Grular were one of the first four factions released for the Freeblades game. When they were first released they were mostly foot troops, there was only one mounted character, the Marauder. Now, with our new releases, you can field your entire Grular Freeband mounted. DGS Games has just released the Mounted Kor Khan, the Mounted Warlock, the Impaler and the Raider. When you pair them with the existing Marauders and you can field a fast moving hard hitting Grular Freeband!