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Mortasheen RPG Up On Kickstarter

Mortasheen is a new monster RPG that's up on Kickstarter now. It's like... umm... it's like if Pokemon was created in the pages of Heavy Metal magazine back in the day. It's gooey. It's gross. It's going to make you want to wash your hands. But, like, in all the good ways.

From the campaign:

I'm Jonathan Wojcik, creator of multiple online comics, short stories and other media you can enjoy on my website,, one of the most ambitious of which is the world of Mortasheen. Inspired as far back as the early 2000's by the then-recent success of series like Pokemon, Digimon and even Neopets, Mortasheen is my own original monster-training universe with emphasis on crawling parasites, oozing fungi, chattering ghouls and bizarre, uncanny biotechnology.

In the nearly 20 years (!!!) since I came up with the setting, I've personally created over 700 monsters - and counting! - that you can browse HERE, though a great deal of them warrant updated illustrations and updated descriptions. Every single monster mashes up a little of everything I love most in the world; the "bug eyed monsters" of 50's B-movies, the surreal grisliness of horror manga, monstrous Tokusatsu villains, artists like Beksinski or Giger or Sydney Sime and especially the real, actual biology thriving all around us in the form of incredible insects, worms, slime molds and parasites.

To quote how someone else once put it, the simplest watered-down explanation of Mortasheen would be "Cronenberg Pokemon," except that, despite its motifs of toxic waste and body horror, the world of Mortasheen leans more toward's the Pokemon world's cheerful attitude and cutesy humor, marrying morbidity and optimism in a similar manner to the good old Addams Family. Mortasheen is not and should never be a bleak, grimdark post-apocalypse.

The campaign's up and over its funding goal with 32 days left to go.