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Morra Cinematic Gaming System Up On Kickstarter

In the movies, you can travel to distant worlds, the far future, the distant past, fantastic locales, and much more. Morra, the cinematic RPG system, This new system is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The Morra system is a creation of Mighty Narwhal Productions, a gaming company founded by three friends who met through gaming and game writing. After spending years working on other systems, including those from the classic World of Darkness, new Chronicles of Darkness, Paizo, and Shadowrun, they took what they learned and turned into their own system: The Morra Cinematic Universal Gaming System.

Using Morra, you can create any setting you ever wanted to play in. Whether its books, movies, or television, the system is inspired by the film industry and the common language of films. It plays on universal themes and tropes so you can play everything from a robot cowboy to an ancient Goddess. You gather with the rest of your cast, and the Director (our version of the Game Master) to write the kind of stories you’ve always wanted to tell.

The campaign's making its way to its funding goal with 27 days to go.