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More Tundra Orcs Previewed For Summoner Wars

August is one of the hottest months of the year here in Atlanta. I'd love to be able to just create frost whenever I wanted. But while I can't, some of the Tundra Orcs can. We get a look at another pair of cards for their Summoner Wars deck coming soon.

From the preview:

Welcome back summoners! While the Tundra Orcs are full of strong melee units, Grognack isn’t one to neglect the benefits of ranged forces. Take a look at these frosty fighters!

Frost Shamans boast a premium statline for one magic… with the caveat of Unwieldy Magic occasionally causing them to miss their mark. However, this downside is nothing that Grognack can’t help out through using Influence. Additionally, Shamans make great use of attack buffs, increasing the odds that they roll at least 1 special symbol.

Targan can provide exactly that support for Shamans! Adjacent Frost units gain +1 strength to maximize the power of Shamans, and Targan is no slouch in combat herself with 4 strength and a boosted range of 4!