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More Polar Dwarves Previewed by Plaid Hat Games

It's an eventful preview for Summoner Wars this time around, literally. We get a look at two new Events for the Polar Dwarves deck.

From the preview:

Welcome back summoners! The Polar Dwarves’ structural glacier is creeping closer, now with even more speed and damage!

Glacial Shift is an essential tool for Svara, simply giving her more spaces to force structures into position. Keep in mind that the previously seen Ice Golem is also a structure, letting you slide forward a surprise melee unit with this event! Even better when you can power up your structures with Svara’s epic event Ice Ram!

Ice Ram combines all the different structural manipulation tools of the Polar Dwarves into an all-in-one siege weapon! Infiltrate your opponent’s position with structures, knock around their unit formations, and deal damage in the process! Ice Ram is a huge reason for your opponents to respect the threat of your structures and will definitely put a target on them.