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More Korean War Sets Available For Bolt Action

The Korean War really doesn't have that many representations in gaming. There's plenty of WWII and even a few Vietnam, but Korea really doesn't have much. Warlord Games is looking to remedy that. They have some more sets for Bolt Action: Korea over in their webshop that you can order now.

Korean War: Chinese Infantry

The Chinese People’s Volunteer Army entered the Korean War in October 1950, an unexpected opponent for the UN forces fighting against North Korea.

Korean War: Sherman M4A3E8 ‘Easy Eight’

Born late in WW2, the Sherman M4 ‘Easy Eight’ continued to enjoy enormous success in the Korean War, becoming the favoured tank of US forces.

Korean War: British Centurion and Infantry

The British Centurion Mk.III and Super Bazooka armed infantry make their impact on the Korean War. Replicate the feats of Commonwealth forces!