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More Kittens Expansion for Laser Kittens RPG Up On Kickstarter

What's better than having some kittens? Having more kittens, of course! And that's what you get in the appropriately-titled More Kittens expansion for Laser Kittens that's up on Kickstarter now. It comes with a deck of cards for the game, each with an adorable kitten doing adorable things on it, as well as an expansion book that contains more and expanded rules for the RPG.

From the campaign:

Come back with us to the world of Laser Kittens, where tiny foster kitties learn to grow up to become awesome cats!

Laser Kittens is a light and zany tabletop roleplaying game about foster kittens. To play, you just need the rulebook and two decks of playing cards. To make the game more fun, we're creating an all-new deck of Kitten Cards. Each card features a unique illustration of a kitten doing adorable kitten stuff. You can use these cards to play your favorite card games like poker, rummy, or go fish as well as the Laser Kittens game.

We're also developing a sequel to the core Laser Kittens rulebook, called More Kittens. Included in More Kittens you'll find:

  • Tips for playing Laser Kittens online, with large groups, with just two players, and more.
  • Fun scenarios for playing Laser Kittens, such as kittens on a spaceship, kittens in ancient Egypt, or kittens learning to be witches' familiars
  • Hacks that use the Laser Kittens system to play as dinosaurs, puppies, dragons, and more.
  • Bonus feline micro-games, including Kitten Scouts and Mayor Cat.

 If you want to hear what Laser Kittens is like, check out the session we ran with the folks from Fandible, using the Halloween adventure from More Kittens!

The Kickstarter's about 3/5 of the way to its goal with still 16 days left to go.