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More Death Guard Previews From Games Workshop

Nurgle's Rot is coming soon as the Death Guard make their way to us next year. In this preview, we get another look at how this codex will change the army. This time around, we get a look at some weapons and weapon properties that Nurgle's followers will use to spread contagion everywhere they go.

From the article:

The Death Guard codex is on its way early next year, and it features five key changes to their rules which will have an enormous impact on how these putrid servants of Nurgle operate on the battlefield. Over the course of the week, we’ll be looking at each of these new rules in greater detail – yesterday, we took a look at Inexorable Advance – and discussing why Mortarion’s Traitor Legion is set to become more disgusting in battle than ever before!

Next up is their Deadly Pathogens ability. These optional upgrades can be applied to a Plague Weapon wielded by one of your Death Guard Characters for a nominal charge in points/Power. Not only does a Deadly Pathogen add 1 to the Strength of the Plague Weapon, but you can also choose one of seven effects to apply to it as well. Get ready to unleash…

Viscous Death is the perfect choice of Deadly Pathogen for the twin plague spewer wielded by the new Lord of Virulence.