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More D-Day British Available From Battlefront

The British are still storming the beaches of Normandy, despite the sickness that's going around. The folks over at Battlefront have some more D-Day British for Flames of War that they've added to their website. Have a look for yourselves.

From the announcement:

Rifle Company (Plastic) (BBX53)

The cornerstone of your force is your rifle platoons. You have your carriers, mortars, and anti-tank guns in support. When you need them, the colonel will give you support from machine-guns, heavy mortars, armour, artillery, and air power to make a true combined arms unit capable of both unremitting attack and aggressive defence.

Universal Carrier Patrol (Plastic) (BBX55)

The Universal Carrier can be modified and used many ways hence its name. Some carriers were used as recon vehicles, others as MMG Carriers. The Wasp Carrier was modified to carry a hull mounted flame-thrower. Being mounted on a carrier means the Wasps can keep up with the troops and provide much needed fire support.

Vickers Machine-gun Platoon (Plastic) (BR728)

Unlike many armies, the British Army has specialist machinegun battalions. These experts have perfected the use of the famous Vickers machine-guns, whether laying down a withering crossfire or or firing over the infantry’s heads supporting their attacks.

3-inch Mortar Platoon (Plastic) (BR729)

3-inch mortars provide effective fire support, keeping the Germans deep inside their foxholes as you assault their positions, or forcing them to hit the dirt as they approach your lines.

Battlefield in a Box: Bocage (BB243)

Battlefield in a Box: Bocage Extras (BB244)

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