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More D-Day Americans Availble For Flames of War

When the Allies hit the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, they didn't just come as a trickle, they knew that to succeed, they had to come in as a tidal wave and be relentless in their assault. That's what Battlefront is doing with their Americans releases. They've got some more available over in their webshop to bulk up your Flames of War armies.

From them to you:

M10 Tank Destroyer Platoon (Plastic)

The M10 was first used in North Africa where the 899th Tank Destroyer Battalion wreaked havoc on German tank formations there. Now, that same battalion is heading to Normandy to once again seek, strike, and destroy German tanks all the way into Germany itself.

105mm Field Artillery Battery (Plastic)

The M2A1 howitzer has proven itself time and again throughout North Africa, Sicily, Italy, and now in Normandy. The field artillery batteries are well-trained to deliver massed firepower with devastating results.

3-Inch Tank Destroyer Platoon

The M5 3-inch gun is the same gun found in the M10 self-propelled gun. It is able to penetrate most German tanks from the front, making them an essential component to any defensive line backed by infantry. The platoon has excellent ambushing potential as well.

L4 Grasshopper Observation Post

Each artillery battalion has a pair of Air Observation Post L4 Grasshopper aircraft. These planes report enemy troop locations and call in artillery strikes, making them the bane of German troops across Normandy and Brittany. The L4 Grasshopper is a reliable asset, always present in the skies when it's called upon, rain or shine, day or night. The pilot and observer take great risks, loitering over their target as they call in the artillery.