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More Breakers Previewed For Summoner Wars

True to their word, Plaid Hat Games is posting up daily Summoner Wars previews. They continue with the Breakers, giving us a look at both a unit and an event this time around.

From the article:

Welcome back summoners! Today is the penultimate preview for the Breakers, and with it comes some painful punishing powers. Check them out!

Deceivers aren’t the most aggressive of common units out there, but don’t let that fool you into ignoring their impact. Deceivers are key for congesting enemy units, reducing their impact with Stupefy, and retaliating any disengaging foes with the Engage ability. The Breakers are fully equipped with ways to manipulate enemy positioning, so it should be a simple task to pile up some damage from forced disengagements.

Speaking of manipulating enemy positioning, Blast is one more tool to help ensure you alway have control of the battlefield. Blast can have some devastating chain reaction effects as you push your foes past lines of Deceivers, damaging all other units along the way! Note the range of this event requires 3 clear straight spaces to use, and position yourself accordingly.