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Moonstone Fantasy Minis Game Expansion Up On Kickstarter

The folks over at Goblin King Games are looking to bring you more fantasy forest action with some new Moonstone figures and a book and card deck to go with them. They've launched a Kickstarter campaign to get it all made (and it's doing rather well, too).

From the campaign:

We know you're busy so we've kept this one simple! The Arising Core Pledge contains all three of the brand new and exclusive items: 

  • The Arising book
  • Campaign card deck
  • Limited edition 'Diana Enraged' miniature - Kickstarter exclusive! 

Goblin King Games have successfully delivered three Moonstone Kickstarters before so you can have complete confidence in your pledge. And to ensure a really rapid turn-around for this campaign we have done almost all the work ahead of time; the cards have all been designed, including the beautiful new artwork, moulds have been made for the miniature and the book content is 90% complete. We are running this Kickstarter to help fund the significant upfront costs involved in the printing of the rulebook.

The campaign's closing in on 6x funded, but only has 8 days left to go.