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Moonstone - The Arising Coming to Kickstarter

Moonstone is looking to get a really big expansion. A new book, cards, and minis are coming to Kickstarter soon. The project is called The Arising. You can head on through and learn all about it.

From the announcement:

We have some VERY exciting news! In less that two weeks time, Goblin King Games will be returning to Kickstarter with a brand new expansion for Moonstone - The Arising!

The Arising expansion is a brand new book featuring campaign rules; new scenarios; recent and unreleased character's rules and background; some explosive developments in the narrative and a whole load of surprises!

There will also be a brand new card deck featuring 106 Campaign and Upgrade cards, and of course, no Kickstarter campaign would be complete without at least one exclusive limited edition miniature and, with your support - maybe more!