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Monsterpocalypse Release Date Delayed

The release date for Monsterpocalypse has been pushed back from the 21st of September to October 5th. The reason being is that the container containing the game has been held up in Customs. That just sometimes happens. At least it's not too long of a delay, just a couple weeks. Then you'll get your building-stomping action on.

From the announcement:

Privateer Press’ upcoming Monsterpocalypse Hobby Miniatures Game, scheduled for release on September 21, has been temporarily delayed. U.S. Customs held the container carrying the game and a host of items from other companies for an intensive exam. The street date has been changed to October 5, 2018.

The Monsterpocalypse tutorial guide was launched last week to further players’ knowledge and awareness of the forthcoming game. The tutorial is available at

The Monsterpocalypse Hobby Miniatures Game represents an updated and streamlined second edition of the original 2008 collectible game’s rules. Additionally, instead of using pre-painted collectible figures to play, the new game’s most noteworthy difference is its use of highly detailed resin and metal hobby miniatures, which players get to assemble before playing. As a hobby game, this upgrade to the Monsterpocalypse experience provides the opportunity for players to customize their armies through painting and modeling them.

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