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Monster Slaughter: Underground Expansion Up On Kickstarter

A cabin in the woods. It's a pretty classic location for a horror movie. You'd think things couldn't get much worse. But then you hear a creak from the door that leads to the basement. And that's just where you'll be headed in Monster Slaughter: Underground, the new expansion that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Monster Slaughter: Underground is an expansion for Monster Slaughter.

This time, you'll be going in to the deepest horror – the cabin's basement!

Terror sometimes makes you crazy… After splitting up into small groups, stumbling blindly through poorly lit rooms, now the guests think they're safe in the basement! Will it be their salvation? Or… their tomb?

This expansion adds more components to your base game: more bonus action cards, object cards, nocturnal event cards, and a new set of basement event cards. And that's not all!  It also gives you a new 3D room, new scenarios, new surprise visitors, and a new mutation system! 

Please note that Monster Slaughter: Underground is not a stand-alone, and requires a copy of Monster Slaughter. However, a Kickstarter version of the original game is not required. The expansion is fully compatible with the retail version of the original game!

The campaign is more than 4x funded with still 10 days left to go.