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Monster Fight Club Street Art Contest Happening Now

Want to be part of a new project that Monster Fight Club is making? Are you an artist? Do you know of some artists? If so, you should let them know what's going on. You could have your art featured on new terrain. Yeah, gamers all over the world could be seeing your artwork.

From the announcement:

Our next scenery Kickstarter features city buildings and you help the city come alive! Winners receive cash prizes and will see their work on the sides of Monster Fight Club's new Metropolis buildings.

In partnership with special judge Jon Schindehette from ArtOrder, we're looking for artists to create original street art that can be added to our upcoming buildings' walls.

Download the building templates and let your imagination run wild! These new buildings work with a variety of different settings and time periods – everything's fair game: World War Two, modern downtown, or dark, grim, cyber-futures.

​Don't wait - contest ends May 16th!