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Monster Fight Club Announces Licensing Partnership with R.Talsorian Games

Monster Fight Club is a relative newcomer to the gaming world. R. Talsorian Games has been around literally as long as I can remember games (seriously, my first RPG was Cyberpunk 2020). The two are teaming up, as Monster Fight Club will be making minis for use in R. Talsorian Games.

From the announcement:

Monster Fight Club, a close-knit team of hobby industry veterans intent on evolving the tabletop hobby through fun and unique boardgame experiences; innovative accessories, terrain and models for tabletop role-playing games and wargaming, today announced their licensing partnership with legendary worldsmith Michael Pondsmith and his publishing company R. Talsorian Games, to create a range of tabletop miniatures for Cyberpunk and The Witcher.

“We’re very excited to explore the Cyberpunk and the Witcher worlds with Mike and R. Talsorian Games," said John Kovaleski, CEO of Monster Fight Club. “We’re excited to be offering a range of high-quality miniatures for two of the most beloved sci-fi and fantasy franchises.” Expect the First Look of these exciting new miniatures this year at Gen Con 2019, the Best Four days in Gaming ™.

"I'm absolutely stoked to have the talented team at Monster Fight Club onboard to produce minis for R.Talsorian's flagship lines. " adds R.Talsorian Head Honcho Mike Pondsmith. "These minis are so good, I would steal them for myself if I didn't already have a deal with John. Cyberpunk and Witcher fans--you will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED."