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Mondo Games and Restoration Games Announce Bruce Lee Expansion For Unmatched

Mondo Games and Restoration Games will soon be bringing you Unmatched, a new card-driven miniatures skirmish game where players take on the role of history's and mythology's greatest fighters in a one on one grudge match to the end. They're also excited to announce that the first single-hero expansion pack will feature Bruce Lee.

From the announcement:

Mondo Games and Restoration Games have revealed the debut solo-hero expansion for Unmatched, a head-to-head miniatures skirmish game system for two to four players announced earlier this year.

Unmatched: Bruce Lee contains a meticulously detailed sculpted hero miniature, health dial, and 31 cards featuring artwork from the talented Oliver Barrett. The expansion can be used with any full set in the Unmatched system; the first two of which, Battle of Legends, Vol. 1 and Robin Hood vs. Big Foot, will also be debuting at Gen Con this fall.

Tim Wiesch, Mondo’s VP of Business & Legal Affairs, explains the choice of Bruce Lee as the brand’s leading solo-hero: “People are rarely worthy of the title ‘Master’, but in Bruce Lee’s case that description doesn’t even come close to capturing the true genius of the cultural icon. With unparalleled speed and a philosopher’s soul, no opponent could out-maneuver, let alone out-think him. Now his fans have the opportunity to experience his power for themselves, by matching him against other heroes in the Unmatched game system."

Battle of Legends, Vol. 1 and Robin Hood vs. Big Foot will be available from Restoration Games at Gen Con, with an MSRP of $39.95 for the four-pack and $24.95 for the two-pack. Bruce Lee is a limited edition production, and will be available from Mondo Games for $15.00.

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