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Monday Terrain Corner

Hey there to all the gamers out there. We're back at Monday. And to all those that were at Gen Con, I hope you're recovery is speedy. Shows like that always wipe me out. But I'm not in my 20s anymore, either. Anyway, something fairly low-key is making your gaming tables look good. Today in the Terrain Corner we have:

Yderion's Cave Terrain Up On Kickstarter

From Crab Miniatures we want to thank you for visiting our first Kickstarter!

This is the entrance to the cave where Yderion, The Dark Dragon, lives.

And you can pay 1€, or whatever you think is fair, for the workers who have carved the rocks of the mountain to make the entrance to the Dragon's cave.

Fantasy House Terrain Up On Kickstarter

This is my second Fantasy House campaign. 

The house is made up of 4 pieces with high details, no support required

 For 1€ you will get the new Fantasy House

Nirmala Modular Boats and Barges Up On Kickstarter

Nirmala is back with Boats & Barges. STL Files for 3D printing modular river boats, barges & ships. 28-32 mm scale for use as props in role playing games.

Only digital files, no physical products.

  •  Original 34 STL files FUNDED! 
  • SG 150% 2 stl FUNDED!
  • SG 200% 4 stl FUNDED!
  • SG 250% 12 stl FUNDED!
  • SG 300% 2 stl FUNDED!